Géraudot : History and Tourism

Géraudot is a pleasant little French village located in the department of Aube and in the Grand-Est region (formerly the Champagne-Ardenne region). This 16km2 agglomeration is home to about 340 inhabitants called the Géraudois(es) and is neighbouring the charming communes of Piney, Dosches, Mesnil-Saint-Père and Lusigny-S/-Barse.

In the Middle Ages, the parish owes its fame to the city of Troyes because of their geographical and historical proximity. It should be noted, for example, that the church of Gérosdot (the old spelling of Géraudot) was financed by the city of Troyes, which also gave it the same name as its cathedral, thus proving their alliance, and the church of St-Pierre-et-St-Paul was born.

Subsequently, the land use of Géraudot was marked by the importance of agricultural and forestry land, but its vocation was changed in the 1960s when several reservoirs were built in parallel with the course of the Seine to protect Paris and the Ile de France from flooding. This is how this rural commune became a coastal commune.

And today its reputation is clearly linked to its location on the banks of Lake Orient in the heart of the Forêt d'Orient Regional Nature Park, from which it has managed to benefit.

Since the opening of Lake Orient in 1966 (as well as its neighbouring lakes, Amance and Temple), Géraudot has experienced a boom in tourism.

Its image will then develop thanks to the presence of a sandy beach, the beach of Géraudot. This was followed by the development of activities and water sports for the summer season.

Géraudot will also see the birth of the famous Voie verte des Grands Lacs Seine et Aube (Green Way of the Great Lakes of the Seine and Aube), which allows everyone to enjoy extreme calm in a very preserved natural environment. Cycling and hiking are on the agenda.

A mini-golf course is available as well as Ora Aventure, which hires out various non-motorised means of transport to enjoy the countryside.

In Géraudot you come simply to enjoy the nature, the lake and the surrounding forests, to discover the exterior of its church, rich in history and protected as a historical monument since 2015. But also to its restaurants, accommodation and shops, which have also been able to appreciate and take advantage of an incredible panorama.

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